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Starlink Installation

Starlink is revolutionary ISP. Perfect for Rural properties and or properties lacking full broadband. Starlink has full UK coverage. Launched by Elon Musk. Starlink works with it's own Constellation or Low Earth Orbit Satellites. Traditionally satellite communications works with Geostationary satellites where the signal travels 35,786km and which means your round trip signal take some time creating latency unworkable for gaming, streaming, office video conferencing.

Starlink: Services

Mountaining, configuration and set up

Starlink is relatively easy to set-up but it's still recommended that you have a professional to set-up. We can mount this in this on your property ensuring you get the best connection getting the absolute most of your service. It comes with it own WiFi router, limiting your options for employment as a part of this service we will place your router in the ideal location and find advise on how to rid any further deadspot from there.

Starlink: Services
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